Sterling native living in Florida, preparing for Hurricane Ian landfall

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 5:24 PM CDT
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LAND O’ LAKES, Fla./STERLING, Ill. (KWQC) - As Hurricane Ian inches closer to Florida, a Sterling native is preparing to ride out the storm just north of Tampa Bay.

“We have a pantry full of nonperishable items and I probably have about 10 gallons of water on standby as well.”

Connor Sisson moved from Sterling to the Tampa Bay area five years ago.

After making landfall in Cuba early Tuesday, Ian’s eye is heading toward the west coast of Florida.

“In the beginning I was a little bit more nervous than I am now. I called my wife yesterday morning while we were both at work. I said ‘hey, let’s pack up, let’s get the pets. Let’s lock up all the doors and get out of dodge,” said Sisson.

While millions are under a mandatory evacuation order, Sisson and his wife have a voluntary evacuation order.

They plan to ride out Hurricane Ian inside their home about 20 miles north of Tampa, in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

“At this point with Hurricane Ian upgrading to a category 3, I think we’ll still be fine when it comes to flooding. Luckily we are in a brand new neighborhood, brand new home, so it’s up to date on the most current hurricane code, building policies that are set in place here in Florida,” said Sisson.

Sisson says his neighborhood gas station has been out of gas since early Monday.

The hardware and grocery stores, packed.

This will be Sisson’s first time riding out a hurricane and after shaking off the nerves, he feels confident his family is prepared.

“The local authorities, you know, from county, city, all the way up to state, they’ve all really done a good communicating evacuation methods, hurricane preparedness,” said Sisson.

Whether it’s Land O’ Lakes, Florida, or here in the Quad Cities, Sisson has one takeaway from preparing for Ian.

“It’s always good to have, you know, a plan set in place for any kind of natural disaster or storm. You know, in the Midwest we witness a lot of tornadoes rip through the area,” said Sisson.

Having a plan whether evacuating, or staying put.

“Most of us are staying in this area and just gonna ride it out. It’s gonna be an adventure,” said Sisson.

Sisson said he has a generator, 15 extra gallons of gas and 10 gallons of water to get through the hurricane. He also plans to fill the bath tub with water before Ian strikes.