Illinois Chamber of Commerce backs Demmer for Treasurer

Rep. Tom Demmer speaks during a press conference in Springfield on Oct. 27, 2022.
Rep. Tom Demmer speaks during a press conference in Springfield on Oct. 27, 2022.(Mike Miletich)
Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 5:50 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD (WGEM) - The Illinois Chamber of Commerce endorsed Rep. Tom Demmer (R-Dixon) for Treasurer Thursday morning. Chamber leaders made the announcement inside the Mel-O-Cream donut factory in Springfield. They believe that Demmer will fight for pro-business and pro-job policies as a constitutional officer.

Demmer has consistently worked with the Chamber of Commerce for business proposals during his time in the General Assembly. Chamber Senior Vice President Clark Kaericher said Demmer is a budget leader and widely recognized as one of the smartest people in the statehouse.

The Chamber appreciated that Demmer has been able to work across the aisle to get proposals passed even though he is in the minority party. Kaericher said Demmer can also serve as a bipartisan check on uniparty control in Springfield.

“All Illinoisans know that we were better when both parties had a seat at the table and the Chamber would be thrilled if it were Tom Demmer occupying that seat,” Kaericher said. “Plus, many of you might remember the last time we elected a Republican from Dixon, Illinois, great things happened.”

The House Deputy Republican Leader said the Chamber frequently hears large and small businesses talk about opportunities and challenges they face in Illinois. Demmer said he wants to grow the economy and present more opportunities to attract new families and businesses to the state.

He argues that the state treasurer should be an advocate for pro-growth policies without raising taxes.

“Adding new jobs, adding new investments in Illinois, gives us new opportunities to be able to invest in public safety, and education, and human services, and the things that improve the quality of life here,” Demmer said.

Demmer said Illinois needs a Treasurer looking out for taxpayers struggling with inflation and a rising cost of living.

“We need somebody who is elected statewide who’s accountable only to voters who can advocate for lower taxes, less regulatory burdens, and try to bring folks into this state,” Demmer added.

Meanwhile, Treasurer Michael Frerichs said the Chamber’s endorsement is unsurprising. The Democrat said the Chamber stood with Demmer and “Big Business” when he was fighting for taxpayers and grieving families against “Wall Street wolves” and life insurance companies.

“That’s what real watchdogs do. They fight for working men and women and keep you safe when you are not looking,” Frerichs said. “They fight for teachers and nurses and firefighters so they can do their jobs safely and go home to their families. They fight for people when they can’t fight for themselves.”

Frerichs noted that he received endorsements from the AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, Chicago Tribune, and the Daily Herald.

“However, the endorsement I am most proud of is from the votes of the hard-working men and women across our great state. Because I am proud to be their watchdog,” Frerichs said.

Demmer said his campaign has been disciplined in trying to talk about things most voters are concerned about today. He said the top issues are the economy, taxes, and spending.

“We’re talking about the state treasurer advocating for the kinds of tax relief and pro-economic growth policies that will provide relief to families,” Demmer said. “It will give them a better job opportunity, it will lower their tax burden and make them have better trust in how their tax dollars are being spent here in Springfield.”

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