Dubuque Airport gets new airline after losing only commercial service in Sept.

The Dubuque Regional Airport is getting a new airline after losing its only commercial service...
The Dubuque Regional Airport is getting a new airline after losing its only commercial service in September.(KCRG)
Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 4:00 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Less than two months after losing its only commercial airline the Dubuque Regional Airport has announced a new one. Avelo Airlines will start flying out of Dubuque on January 11th. They’ll begin with just one destination Orlando, Florida.

”I am so excited and so thrilled to say hello Avelo! We are so happy to be able to say that out loud,” said Molly Grover with the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce.

In September the airport lost American Airlines.

“When I first heard Dubuque was losing it’s air service, commercial air service from this airport I have to tell you it was probably the most disappointing moment that I’ve had as mayor so far,” said Brad Cavanagh, Mayor of Dubuque.

The airport had been in contact with Avelo since March and looks forward to the nonstop flights they’ll provide from Dubuque to the Orlando International Airport.

”Our catchment area is about 40 miles around Dubuque and in that catchment area Orlando is actually our number one destination. Over 21,000 people flew from our catchment area to Orlando alone,” said Todd Dalsing, Airport Director for the Dubuque Regional Airport.

For Avelo Airlines, coming to Dubuque is a win too. The Houston-based airline just started flying a year and a half ago. They see the Field of Dreams as an opportunity for sports travel. And they say expanding service to Dubuque reaches three states in what they see as an under served area.

”What’s really unique is that there’s no air service here and we know that there are airports you know an hour and a half, an hour plus away. But for those that sit right on the border and for this area with the population that it has it can definitely sustain more air service,” said Courtney Goff, Communications Manager for Avelo Airlines.

While new, she says the airline has already flown more than 10,000 flights and is serving 34 cities. Flights from Dubuque to Orlando will cost just $59 one way, or $120 round trip.

“You want to spend money in the destination not necessarily on the airline and we understand that our goal is to get people where they want to go,” said Goff.

This is likely just the beginning. They’re already discussing adding another destination to the list.