The 11th annual Quad City Caregiver conference was held Nov 12 in Davenport

Published: Nov. 13, 2022 at 9:32 AM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa. (KWQC) - The Quad City Caregiver conference kicked off Nov. 12 at the Golden Leaf Banquet Center in Davenport.

People from all over the community gathered and enjoyed door prizes, giveaways and free snacks.

This is the 11th annual running of the event, it featured 35 local vendors that provide for caregivers, along with guest speakers.

Marketing coordinator and event organizer Mike Mathews touched on what this event is all about.

“It’s a gathering of local service providers that provide various resources that benefit caregivers of all ages,” said Mike Mathews, marketing coordinator. “So in addition to having, you know, local resources, such as assisted living facilities, transportation, respite care, things along those lines.”

Besides being a coordinator for this event, Mathews touches on his experiences and challenges in becoming a caregiver.

“It means a lot for someone that has, has been through it, that has seen firsthand how difficult it can be to be a caregiver,” said Mathews. “I know, in a lot of cases, you don’t, it’s a, it’s a full-time job being a caregiver, it’s one of the hardest jobs there is and one that most people aren’t prepared for.”

A key point that Mathews sends out to the community, multiple organizations are here for you.

“A lot of folks don’t know where to turn, they don’t know where to start with the process,” said Mathews. “They don’t know where to go with their questions, so it really means a lot to organizations, such as milestones to be able to bring everyone together and really help, help these people out while they’re, while they’re probably going through a difficult time.”

At the end of the day the right people are available to get you the information you need.

“The main takeaway for me is that you don’t have to go through this alone, there is help, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and also self-care, if you’re, you’re not going to be able to care for your loved ones if you’re not first caring for yourself, so in addition to the other external resources, there are plenty of self-care resources available as well.” Said Mathews.

You can look up Area Agency on Aging online and they can get you pointed in the right direction for any help you need.