Moline considering ‘Accessory Dwelling Unit’ ordinance

Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 11:41 PM CST
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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - The City of Moline is taking up an ordinance that could allow homeowners to build or convert an additional living space on their property.

Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs are more commonly known as cottage homes, granny flats or in-law quarters. An example would be a garage or basement converted into another living space that is independent of the main dwelling.

The 10-page ordinance breaks down ADUs into four categories: converted spaces, attachments to spaces, converted garages, and attachments to garages.

In order to be considered a dwelling, a space needs to have areas for sleeping, cooking, and bathing.

According to city staff, the idea came about as a way to address the older homeowner base in the city. Many of those owners, may want to continue living on their property, while having family close by.

A similar condition is true for Moline resident, Jozett McCoy.

“I look at this as a way to allow care for my elderly parents who cannot afford the housing,” McCoy said.

As the ordinance currently reads, short-term rentals, like AirBnBs, would not be allowed. Leases would need to be a minimum of six months in any ADU.

Moline’s Community and Economic Development Director, Ryan Hvitlok, said it is also another tool for the city to address the housing crisis.

“It’s something that has become more and more popular throughout the country,” Hvitlok said. “We want to make sure that we have ordinances in place so that if somebody does come to the city, and asks to do this, ... we’re able to respond,”

Monday night, the city held an informational meeting about ADUs, where many heard details about the plan for the first time. Residents in attendance were split on seeing this ordinance go through.

Resident and Mel Foster realtor, Paula Nabb, worries about what these extra living spaces may do to property values.

“When it comes to resale that house is not going to sell,” Nabb said. “The neighbor’s house is not going to sell ... They’re not going to want to deal with that either, because they don’t know what’s going in there.”

There are still a few more steps ahead before the moline city council takes a final vote on ADUs

The plan commission will hold a public meeting on Dec. 7 at 4 p.m. in city hall.

Then the council will take up a first reading of the ordinance sometime at a meeting in December. That meeting date is not final yet. If that passes, they will then take a final vote after the second reading at a meeting in January.