2 Clinton County children find permanent homes during National Adoption Month

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 4:50 PM CST
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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) - Four Oaks Foster and Adoptive Family Connections hosted a celebration, honoring National Adoption Month in Clinton on Tuesday.

Two children officially found their permanent homes at the Clinton County Courthouse during formal adoption ceremonies, followed by a small reception for their families.

For Jameson Herrmann and his family, getting adopted was a five-year process.

“I’m just glad it’s over. It’s been a long road, a hard road,” Eileen Herrmann, Jameson’s mom said. “We’re just going to have more time now to spend with him instead of talking to DHS and going here and going there for his meetings ... All that we that will be gone”

Four Oaks offers adoption and foster services across 69 of Iowa’s 99 counties. Its resources guided both families in Clinton to complete their adoptions.

Recruiter Liz Estilow said it’s important to be able to celebrate the end of an often lengthy and complicated process.

“Some of these families have been dealing with DHS, and visitations and lawyers and stuff for years,” Estilow said. “This just finally is the finale [and] everybody is together. We can celebrate, we can breathe and we can move forward ..., and build that strong bond as a family.”

Both adoptions on Tuesday were to grandparents. Estilow said these kinds of adoptions may be smoother for the kids.

“There’s no more wondering ... where they’re going to for visits or ..., anything they know that this is where their bedrooms are going to be at,” Estilow said. “This is where their homes at, this is going to be where they’re going to school, and then they know ... this is their forever homes.”

For baby Aurora Michaelsen, getting to being adopted was a 15-month process. Her parents are excited for her to have a new start.

“I’m hoping she’ll grow up and be something special,” Angela Michaelsen, Aurora’s mom said. “[Hoping she has a] Good career, teaching her all the right things.”

Four Oaks is currently recruiting potential families for their services. Those who are interested in becoming a candidate for fostering or adoption can visit their website. According to officials starting the process takes about an hour online.

Earlier in the month, Four Oaks held a similar event in Scott County celebrating 13 children finalizing their adoption process on Nov. 19.