Regional Innovation Center coming to Eldridge in 2024

Published: Jan. 13, 2023 at 9:24 AM CST
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ELDRIDGE, Iowa. (KWQC) - The North Scott Regional Innovation Center is on the way to Eldridge. It will house many career finishing schools to help students get a jump start on their future careers.

“It’s all about career pathways for kids and increasing that for not only North Scott students, but students within the region”, Joe Stutting, North Scott Community School District Superintendent, said. “We’re really looking at adding the diesel, diesel program, a vet tech certificate program would be one example, construction, and animal science and plant science.”

With many different career fields available, intentions are high for students and faculty.

“The ultimate goal for it is to have those career pathways up and running and to have access to for the region for kid’s pathways that they currently don’t have”, Stutting, said. “It’s really an opportunity for us to expand our programs and provide better facilities, better opportunities, but it’s all about career pathways for students.”

School district staff are excited about what this will mean for students moving forward.

“The opportunities that are going to be offered here at the Regional Innovation Center are the types of things that you would, you’d learn in a college, that you would learn in your first few years of an apprenticeship”, James Simmons, Work Base Learning Coordinator, said. “So just be on the lookout because there’s going to be some exciting things happening.”

Superintendent Stutting says this is just another example of how far along the district has come.

“I was here nine years ago, and it has changed dramatically”, Stutting, said. “You know, the leadership of our high school, we have really opened up opportunities for kids to take major steps towards whether it’s a four-year degree, a two-year degree, a certificate program, we have so many more opportunities today than we’ve ever had, and we’re only going to continue to increase that with the Regional Center.”

With plans to break ground this spring, the Regional Innovation Center is projected to open for course offerings in the fall of 2024.