Fire Department in Dewitt adding expansion

Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 9:33 PM CST
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DEWITT, Iowa (KWQC) - The Dewitt Fire Department is expanding their building adding on new offices, a meeting room and potentially a sleeping quarters.

With the Dewitt community growing, members of the fire department say its time for their facilities to grow as well.

“We initially looked into expanding about nine years ago”, Bryan Herington, Committee Chairman, said. “We’re looking to expand to accommodate our roster size, which a full roster is 30, but to have a larger meeting room, an area committee or the citizens will notice that there is a second floor being built. That second floor is not intended to be 100% occupied when the construction is completed.”

In addition to better serving the community, Herington says an improved space will bring more advantages and more opportunities.

“We’ll be able to host county wide trainings without having to pull trucks out of our bay area”, Herington, said. “We’ll have a much larger meeting room, we’ll have smaller conference rooms for our subcommittees to meet without being interrupted by firefighters or other committees trying to have the same space at the same time.”

With sleeping quarters included as part of the addition, the question becomes, will this all-volunteer fire department become full time.

“Maybe someday, and maybe that’s what we’re looking at as far as growth”, Chief Bob Sandry, Dewitt Fire Department, said. “At this time, we strongly believe in our volunteering our volunteerism, and the passion that we have within our community.”

The Mayor says this expansion falls in line with the overall growth the city is seeing.

“It’s not only the fire department, but as the town grows, everything else needs to grow alongside with it”, Mayor Steve Hasenmiller, said. “We just put an expansion on the library because the city has grown so much in our volume is up there also.”

With the department being almost full staff, members are hoping the project will be done this fall.