Smith Studio and Gallery in Geneseo show case Art Exhibition

Published: Jan. 22, 2023 at 10:03 AM CST
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GENESEO Ill. (KWQC) - Heather Shore an Illinois native is the artist behind the Mandalas, her handiwork can be found in almost every region of the world.

“Heather Shore is an artist from Sterling, Illinois, wonderful lady who does Mandalas,” David Smith, owner of Smith Studio and Gallery said. “And Mandalas are circular designs, and they can be found in cultures all around the world but she’s very well known in Illinois for both her Mandala work and for teaching it.”

Smith mentions how he has to adjust when talented artist like Shore bring their work to town.

“Her Mandala work can get big on occasion,” Smith said. “So, she has a private show right now, a private exhibition of her larger pieces, because on our normal wall here in our art gallery, her bigger pieces take up too much of the landscape here. So, we gave her a private show and it’s wonderful to see what art she’s making on a bigger format.”

Its more than just giving artist recognition but having a place available for them to display their passion.

“It’s giving them the opportunity to show their work,” Smith said. “This year, we’ve had artists from different areas of the state, but we have had artists here from just basically all the surrounding states.”

With over forty years as an educator, Smith mentions the one thing about art that means the most to him.

“The joy, the joy of the kids when they come in, and they make something, but also the joy of what we built here,” Smith said. “This building was rebuilt, purpose built to be an art studio and an art gallery.”

Smith invites you to wonder their gallery and enjoy the thrill of finding unique gifts and artwork created by the professional artist they represent.

“We are the official art classes for the park district here in Geneseo,” Smith said. “We’re very involved with the chamber, so, we’re just glad that we can be part of that team that’s bringing new opportunities to town.”

Smith Studio and Gallery also represent an over accomplished Midwest art fair and gallery artists.