Pat McGrath Bridge on Harrison street in Davenport experiencing wear and tear

Published: Jan. 27, 2023 at 6:35 PM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - People who use the bike path that runs underneath the bridge are concerned about debris falling from the bridge onto the path.

Agencies like Davenport Park and Recreation, Public Works and Department of Transportation are aware of the situation.

For a bridge that has been active since 1970 the Department of Transportation says that wear and tear is expected.

“That bridge had some deterioration along one of the construction joints called spalling,” Sam Shea, District Transportation Manager for Iowa D.O.T said. “Concrete spall, it’s pretty, it’s pretty standard to have spalling occur on concrete as it ages and is exposed to elements, the salt and the ice and the snow and the rain that hits it.”

Those who use the bike path say its important to keep it clean and safe.

“There’s a lot of people who walk out here,” Jonathan Kaleka, St. Ambrose University student said. “To make sure like, the bike path and the bridge and everything’s clear for us to like, do our activities, workout or anything, just like to keep the community safe.”

“Obviously, if the pieces are falling off of it, it needs some attention,” John Resh, Davenport resident said. “Yeah, that can be dangerous, especially if there’s a bike coming and you know, you step aside and step into their path, you know, somebody’s gonna get hurt.”

Iowa D.O.T officials say there is no need for concern at this time.

“People need to be aware that, that it’s, it’s still safe, and they shouldn’t be concerned that the bridge is going to collapse on top of anyone or anything like that,” Shea said. “And that we’re staying on top of the bridge inspections, and we’re doing everything we can, although we do encourage folks to report any concerns they have.”

This bridge is inspected twice a year by the Iowa D.O.T and is due for inspection again this April.