Quad City Army veteran celebrates 100th birthday

Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 10:58 PM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A Quad City World War Two veteran and loyal Davenport Chick-Fil-A customer turns 100 years old on Saturday.

Surrounded by his caretaker Katy and friends, Max Wilson celebrated the milestone at the restaurant on Friday.

“I’d like to know what [the people celebrating with me] think. What I think doesn’t matter anymore,” Wilson said. “All I want to do is not cause anyone any more trouble than I have.”

Due to his service, the Army veteran said he never thought he would make it to 100.

“I’ve seen so many men die,” Wilson said. “The last thing I do at bed at night ... is a little prayer for them.”

Wilson grew up on a farm outside Maquoketa, he would go on to serve in the Army’s 15th Air Force as an Airplane Armorer Gunner on the European theater. He flew 43 missions.

“I was damn lucky,” Wilson said. “We’d go out with 10 ships and come back with one and I was on it.”

A few other army veterans came to celebrate with Wilson, including retired Army General Randy Warm.

He currently runs the flight school at the University of Dubuque and made a surprise birthday announcement.

“Katy called me and said Max would really love to fly one more time,” Warm said. “So when Max comes up to Dubuque we’re going to take him for a plane ride.”

Along with the plane ride, Chick-Fil-A management gifted Wilson a bag full of coupons for the year. He’s happy to have people to celebrate with.

“It’s great, but I just wish I could talk to each one individually,” Wilson said.

Wilson’s plane ride at the University of Dubuque is planned sometime in the coming months.