Maquon woman charged in killing of former Maquon police chief

The body was found in a storage unit in Maquon, Illinois in October 2022
Published: Feb. 8, 2023 at 6:32 PM CST
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MAQUON, Ill. (KWQC) - A preliminary hearing was held for Maquon resident Marcy Oglesby as she is charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery by administering a dangerous substance.

These new charges have been brought against her following a toxicology report on the human remains that were found in a storage unit she rented in October 2022.

While being questioned, Oglesby told officers that the remains were of Richard Young, the former Police Chief in Maquon.

During the preliminary hearing, testimony from a Knox County Sheriff’s officer was heard detailing the night Oglesby was detained.

On Oct. 7, Knox County Sheriff’s were called out to Maquon, Illinois storage unit due to a foul smell coming from the unit. Officers met the owner of the storage facility and determined the smell was coming from unit number 29, which was rented by Marcy Oglesby.

Officers then went to Oglesby’s residence, which was right across the street from the storage unit and Oglesby voluntarily opened the unit for officers and inside was assorted items and a cardboard box in the middle of the unit.

Officers then asked Oglesby what was in the box, in which she replied saying it was wet clothes or a dead animal. Officers then asked Oglesby to open the box, which she began to comply with before pausing, and asking to speak to a deputy.

According to testimony, she told the deputy there were human remains in the box. She was detained and then transported to a local hospital after complaining of chest pains.

Following the discovery, several search warrants were obtained for the storage unit and her residence where they found several phones and computers.

Toxicology reports on the remains show there were elevated levels of the active ingredient in eye drops and antidepressants.

Testimony from the officer also confirmed that Oglesby had actively been putting eye drops and antidepressants in Young’s food. She obtained these through several purchases from a local drugstore in Elmwood.

DNA of the remains came back inconclusive but further testing is happening at the University of Illinois, where the remains are being held.

At the end of the preliminary hearing, Oglesby entered a plea of not guilty on all charges and requested a trial by jury.

Oglesby had a pre-trial status hearing on Thursday Feb. 9.

A motion hearing has been set for Wednesday, Feb. 15

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