Tips from the pro’s to help you prepare your lawn and garden this spring

Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 6:45 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Spring time is here and the sun is finally shining and that means folks around the QCA are getting outdoors and beginning to prepare their lawns and gardens.

Winter weather can leave your grass and gardens weak and hungry, especially after months of lying under a blanket of ice and snow.

If you want them to come back fuller and lusher than ever, the staff at Green Thumbers in Davenport share their advice and experience.

”We are super excited for the garden season; this is what we live for.” Andy Kay, Owner of Green Thumbers said.

Kay is getting ready for what’s expected to be a big boost in customers, as people start working on their lawns.

“Literally we’ll do half our business for the year in 12 weeks,” Kay said. “People are super excited to get outside and get out there and get gardening.”

Kay says the time is now, to get those outdoor tasks dealt with.

“Prep your garden so, go out there till your garden, add a great soil amendment like compost,” Kay said. “Put a granular fertilizer in there, get your garden ready to go, ready to plant.”

Store Manager Josh Burkhalter says, this time of year allows them to make good connections with their customers.

“They’re all pretty excited when they come in,” Burkhalter said. “They’re like what’s new, what’s hot? And tell me that, tell me what I need for my yard, and we’ll just walk around and have a good time with them.”

“We try to educate people, and that’s how you’re gonna succeed in gardening,” Kay said. “You know, you go to shop at big box, you’re gonna go there, buy the fertilizer, you don’t know if you’re buying the right stuff, you know, how to use it what to use so, that’s where we really try to educate everyone who walks in the door.”

One big thing that Kay also said is don’t plant your veggies yet, wait until after the frost date which is May 10.