Moline coffee shop temporarily closes due to flooding

A number of businesses on both sides of the river are having to battle the rising Mississippi River.
Published: Apr. 25, 2023 at 4:34 PM CDT
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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - A number of businesses on both sides of the river are having to battle the rising Mississippi River.

The fast rising Mississippi River has temporarily closed Milltown Coffee in Moline.

Sounds of an espresso machine have filled the air at Milltown Coffee since 2014.

The owners are no stranger to dealing with their neighbor, the Mississippi River, and the unwelcome flooding it brings.

“We’ve really had to deal with it two years. There was a couple other years where there was minor flooding. So that wasn’t too bad. For the most part it stays dry like directly in front of us, so you could still get to us from river drive. But 2019 and then this year is gonna be pretty difficult,” said Cameron Cartee, owner of Milltown Coffee.

Aerial views provided to TV6 by owner Cameron Cartee show the Mighty Mississippi’s record floodwaters taking over the parking lot and surrounding the building in 2019, eventually making it up to the windows in front of the cafe, and then inside.

The coffee shop ended up closing for nearly two months in 2019.

“We had about an inch everywhere in here in 2019 so we kinda knew where it came through. So as long as we can kind of get those areas cleared up. So against our back wall is kind of our main spot. It came through the foundation so as long as we can get something blocked there and block in our main entrance we should be okay, at least inside this time,” said Cartee.

At the time of TV6′s interview with Milltown Tuesday morning, crews were filling sandbags to protect the building, with the owner’s intention of keeping the coffee shop open.

While sandbagging efforts will continue, Milltown temporarily closed as of 1:30 p.m. Tuesday due to the rising Mississippi.

“As long as it stays out of the building itself, I’ll be very happy, so that’s all I’m wishing for right now,” said Cartee.

The community support is what keeps Milltown going as strong as the espresso in their drinks.

“Without great employees and great customers, we probably wouldn’t have made it through one, the flood of 2019 and then covid right after, but the support from the community has been awesome,” said Cartee.

“It heavily impacts us and hopefully this one’s a quick receding one, but time will tell,” said Cartee.

While the location on River Drive in Moline will remain closed for now, the location at Utica Ridge Place in Bettendorf is open for business.