Colona Police investigate cats killed by being shot

he Colona Police Department says that three cats were killed after being found, shot.
Published: May. 19, 2023 at 8:47 PM CDT
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COLONA, Ill. (KWQC) - The Colona Police Department says that three cats were killed after being found, shot.

On May 13, Colona officers were dispatched to a call at a Colona mobile home park for a report of a cat that had been injured, according to a media release from the Colona Police Department. Upon arrival officers found two cats that had been hit with a small projectile, and a third cat that was later found dead on scene.

Officers said the two other injured cats received veterinary care, but later died from their injuries.

“In light of the very unfortunate events we thought it would be a good time to educate residents and remind them of the ordinance we have regarding animals running at large,” stated a Facebook post from Colona Police Department. “In no way does an innocent pet deserve cruel treatment or to lose their life at the hands of someone trying to harm them. We are animal lovers here at Colona PD and most of us have adopted a pet or two... or three from our shelter.”

Officers also stated that they have heard a lot of mention to the fact that people have “outside cats”.

Officers offered the following advice to this saying, we have ordinances in place for reasons to protect our pets. We do not allow ‘outside cats’, all pets must be kept inside or when outside they must be on a leash or in their owners watch and control. This ordinance is in place to keep your pet safe and protect them from the harm of wild animal predators, vehicles, disease and prevents your pet from being a nuisance to neighbors. It also prevents your cat from contributing to the feral cat community, officers said.

We also strongly discourage setting food out for the “outside cats” this encourages feral cats to gather and flourish in your neighborhood not to mention attracts racoons and other varmints to your porch, officers continued to say. If you move, please make sure your pets go with you and if you cannot take them with you please be responsible and make arrangements with area humane societies to help you.

Leaving cats behind again fuels the feral cat nuisance we are facing, officers concluded.

Detective Hull is currently working this case and if anyone has information they are asked to call Colona Police Department 309-792-1511, officers said.