Son of fallen victim in building collapse achieves milestone

Published: Jun. 3, 2023 at 6:41 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 5, 2023 at 9:27 AM CDT
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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - UPDATE 6/5/2023: Since this story aired, Branden Colvin, Sr.’s body was recovered from the rubble.


June 3 marks 6 days since The Davenport apartment building collapsed downtown.

And among those that are still missing is Branden Colvin Sr.

His son, Colvin Jr, despite the unknown, took part in a ceremony at the Vibrant Arena in Moline, a ceremony to be remembered.

Colvin Jr walked that isle, a 2023 high school graduate from Rock Island.

Even though his dad could not be there, Colvin Jr tells us how proud of a moment this is for him and his family.

“It feels good,” Colvin Jr said. “I feel the support and love from everybody.”

Desiree Banks, Colvin Jr’s mom expresses her emotions on this day, but wished someone else could have been there.

“I’ve been waiting, you guys,” Banks said. “I’ve been waiting but I just started bawling, I don’t know, it’s amazing. I wish his dad was here though, I’m not gonna lie.”

Even though it’s a difficult time for Colvin Sr’s family, Colvin Jr says he feels nothing but love from his family and the community.

“Just happy to graduate and be done with school,” Colvin Jr said. “I’m proud of myself, my dad is proud of me, and my family is proud of me.”

Banks touches on how she balances mixed emotions on such a memorable day, and how the community has stepped up and been by their side.

“I’m going to try to focus as much as I can on just him graduating like a normal day,” Banks said. “Like, can we just have one normal day, you know? So, I’m not gonna let them take that from me.”

“The community, I just know they’re looking at it and just, but it’s okay,” Banks said. “You all, we’re gonna do this, we got to do it, we’re gonna do it. I’m gonna stay strong, we’re gonna stand strong and I’m gonna just enjoy the moment.”

Ultimately, Banks and Colvin Jr tell us how dad would have responded if he was there to share this day with them.

“He’d be jumping for joy,” Banks said. “Congratulating him, just so happy.”

“He’d just give me a hug,” Colvin Jr said. “Tell me he loves me.”

When asked what the family plans on doing to celebrate graduation day, Colvin Jr said he’s going downtown to be with his dad.

Banks would mention that it was hard getting Colvin Jr to the ceremony, but today is all about him.