Alleman tennis star Nicholas Patrick named National Player of the Year by USA Today

Published: Jul. 31, 2023 at 11:56 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - In two years of high school Tennis Nicholas Patrick has been practically perfect. Patrick has fifty wins, zero losses and only on one occasion was he taken to three sets.

“I try to work as hard as I can each day that’s both on and off the court and the classroom and everything like that. I try to be the best student and person and player that I can be so just the best version of myself” said Patrick.

The hard work is paying off in a big way, earning Nicholas National recognition. On Sunday, Patrick was named National Player of the Year by USA today.

“It meant everything to kind of live it with my dad who’s made so many sacrifices throughout the years both on and off the court and just all the people at Alleman, my parents, my family and all these people that have just made incredible sacrifices for me, it was just really nice to see that pay off and to see what’s coming up in the future.”

It’s a future that’s sure to be bright. Patrick spent his entire summer working on his skills

“I was just in Cary North Carolina for the summer it was an incredible experience got to work with some guys that are All Americans in college at NC State and Louisville some schools like that got to hit with some pros that are top 200, 300 in the world which is just an amazing experience just learning about what it’s like to reach that level, it’s very hard I mean everybody is so good once you get to that professional level.”

With Patrick’s dedication and talent, the sky is the limit.

“The ultimate dream is to play pro tennis, win grand slams number one, I have high expectations for myself but like you said working hard everyday is gonna get me there I think but college tennis for sure, recruiting and everything is starting to fall into place now that I’m going into my junior year and it’s very exciting, it’s really exciting to have some new opportunities coming up and college tennis has been a dream of mine since I was little.”