New weapons detection system implemented at Clinton High School

Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 6:39 PM CDT
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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) - Clinton High School has introduced a new weapons detection system.

This new technology uses artificial intelligence to detect weapons as a screening process to keep students and staff safe.

Motorola is teamed up with Evolv Technology to develop what’s called Concealed Weapons Detection Systems and this is specifically for school districts.

These systems are not actually metal detectors, they detect the density and shape of weapons and items like guns, knives, and weapons of mass destruction, while items like cell phones and keys do not trigger a search.

”I’m gonna have to get 1,000 kids into Clinton High School in about 30 minutes,” said Gary DeLacy, Superintendent, Clinton School District. “And a metal detector was not going to be able to do that.”

A new version of security is here to help ensure the safety of students and faculty and staff members at Clinton High School couldn’t be happier.

“Quite frankly, this is state of the art,” DeLacy said. “I believe, first in the state of Iowa in terms of using artificial intelligence using the density in the shape of an object.”

Clinton High School Principal, Theresa Shultz says she thinks this will be quite the difference maker, in not only keeping her students safe but giving parents peace of mind.

“I think it will make a huge difference in helping our kids feel safe here at school, helping their parents know that they’re safe here at school,” Shultz said. “And just give a little sense of calm to all of our staff members.”

Technology experts say this upgrade is huge and it’s a great opportunity for this school district to be the first one to put it to use in the state of Iowa.

“It’s going to improve security tremendously,” Cameron Lundquist, Beck Tech, Motorola Dealer said. “This is just another thing that has to be done today, in the world and I think Clinton School District has a great opportunity to be the first one to develop this and bring this into a school district in the state of Iowa.”

Some staff members are already familiar with this system and they say it’s a great addition to ensure safety at the high school.

“I had the opportunity of working the weapons detection system at the football game at our kickoff last week so, doing that for the community was great,” Tiffany Harris, Teachers Education Specialist said. “So, I think by coming into the school is actually an added bonus to our safety here at Clinton High School.”

DeLacy said this now gives them a screening process where they feel relaxed in keeping weapons out of their building and that this is the next step in terms of school security.

This new system costs $400,000 and the money to buy it came from the one percent sales tax the school received through the state.

In Silivis there is a school that also has a program for this type of detection.