Easton Valley School District set to vote on bond for building upgrades next week

Published: Nov. 1, 2023 at 6:28 PM CDT
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PRESTON, Iowa (KWQC) - Easton Valley Community School District will be voting on a bond November 7 to help pay for upgrades through out the school district including a field house and gym at Preston High School.

The school district is seeking a bond not to exceed 12 million dollars for purposes of acquiring, furnishing, equipping, constructing, and improving the school buildings, to include a multi-purpose fieldhouse and other related buildings, site and land improvements for the school district campus.

Community member and candidate for school board Joe Kilburg says its important for the community to get out and vote for these improvements and that it’s the perfect opportunity to give the kids and teachers more space to succeed.

“Create more opportunities for these kids so, they have the ability to perform in Fine Arts, perform in athletics,” Kilburg said. “Make sure our youth have more gym space, make sure our teachers have adequate room to teach our children and these kids aren’t crammed into two smaller classes or two smaller schools. It’s never gonna get any cheaper and for what good and as many issues as it can solve for our district, I can’t see why we wouldn’t.”

Chris Fee, the Superintendent of the school district said that the estimated tax increase isn’t bad, especially when it comes to investing into their students and community.

“What our board is committed to is tax impact that would not result in any more than $2 a month for a property owner that has a property valued at $100,000,” Fee said. “If their properties at $200,000, we’re talking an impact of less than $4 per month and while every dollar matters, it also matters that we invest in our kids and our community.”

Kilburg also mentioned that the minimum votes they need for this bond to pass is 60 percent plus one.

Fee would go on to say this bond is significant and the issues that they face are primarily related to lack of dedicated space.