2 Southeastern Iowa roadways made Iowa State Patrol’s top 6 high crash locations list

Iowa Department of Transportation lists two South Eastern Iowa roadways as top crash areas.
Published: Nov. 12, 2023 at 4:55 PM CST
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SALEM, Iowa (KWQC) – The Iowa Department of Transportation lists two South Eastern Iowa roadways as top crash areas.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, traffic fatalities are 13% higher this year than the average number of fatalities over the last five years. Junctions and roads like the U.S. 218 in Salem, Iowa in Henry County, are considered one of the 6 major roadways that the Iowa State Patrol are saying have the most traffic fatalities.

“You’re looking at two really different types of roadways,” said Iowa State Patrol Trooper Jason Marlow. “The one in Henry County would be a four-lane divided highway with speed limits of 65 miles per hour max. On Highway 2 between Donaldson and Fort Madison, or the U.S. 61 bypasses, is a two-lane, a traditional roadway.”

Locals are becoming frustrated as the roads are becoming more and more dangerous.

“I had personal experiences,” said New London, Iowa resident Stephen Anderson. “When you’re coming in from the North and try to turn on the blacktop here, people passing other people that come up behind you. I hit my brakes way ahead of time and signal but still. I even had to turn right, to keep from getting hit in the rear. It’s, it’s really not a good place.”

Iowa State Patrol believes drivers need to eliminate distractions.

“What is causing that driver to run off the road,” asks Trooper Marlow. “I think you’d have to at least acknowledge that potential distractions would be part of that problem. We continue to talk about limiting distractions and focusing on driving, and that it only takes a brief amount of time.”

Along Iowa Highway 2, speed radars are already placed.

“I still have a lot of faith in Iowans,” said Trooper Marlow. “I certainly have a lot of faith in those that are traveling through our state as competent drivers. I see a lot of good driving decisions that are made from time to time throughout my patrol days.”

A list of tips that Iowa State Patrol say will help reduce these crashes and fatalities and a full list of the other 4 top crash roadways can be found here.

Iowa State Patrol say they are committed to reducing traffic collisions, injuries and preventable deaths on Iowa roadways.