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David Bohlman was born and raised in Sheboygan Wisconsin. At a young age he understood that he had a passion for serving the community. He was an active volunteer for his local Boys & Girls Club for 9 years. It was here he was exposed to his love of meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and enjoyed promoting a 'better tomorrow' for all. Having established a tutoring program, serving as president of the Teen Leadership Program, which promoted serving the community, leadership development, career exploration and much more.

David began exploring other ways to help people in 2014 through working in the banking industry. He enjoyed interviewing people of all walks of life and quickly grew to be a respected professional whose recommendations led to the financial success of many. David continued to climb the ranks and eventually moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he continued to serve his community through banking. It was in Milwaukee where David joined Wisconsin's LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and also served as the Communications Coordinator and Wellness Coordinator for Wisconsin Bank & Trust.

In 2018 David relocated to the Quad Cities to be closer to his Fiance, Jake. David had a desire to continue to help people and learned that his passions and desires closely identified with values that KWQC holds dear. He strives to share stories that will help the community stay informed and safe.

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