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Quini was born in Iraq, raised in Turkey and moved to Chicago when she was 4.

She received her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism at Columbia College Chicago and her Masters in Digital Storytelling and Writing from Loyola University. During her time at Loyola University, Quini worked with the school news station “The Luc News” and also was a part of “Rambler Sports Locker”.

When Quini isn’t in the newsroom, she enjoys hiking, reading books and writing.

She is also a food addict, specifically cheeseburgers, and is always looking for the next delicious find!

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Michigan man finds $43K in donated couch. Returns cash to previous owner.

Howard Kirby said the ottoman felt hard and when it was opened he found a box containing thousands of dollars in cash.

Mississippi man gets 12 years in prison for possessing a cellphone in county jail

Willie Nash, 39, a married father of three, was in a Mississippi county jail on a misdemeanor charge when he asked a guard to charge his cellphone.

Avalanche at Lake Tahoe ski resort kills one person, seriously injures another

The disaster happened at the Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in California, Placer County Sheriff's deputies said.

Groom accused of sexually assaulting waitress at reception gets probation in plea deal

Matthew Aimers, 32, pleaded guilty at a hearing Thursday to three misdemeanor charges and was sentenced to six years' probation.

Eminem gets slammed for lyric on bombing of Ariana Grande's Manchester concert

The song "Unaccommodating" contains the lyrics: “But I’m contemplating yelling bombs away on the game / Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting."