Forgot Your Wallet? Pay With Your Phone!

Sponsored - Mobile or digital wallets are a newer payment option that gives you added convenience and security.

They allow you to pay retailers with your compatible smartphones, tablets, within apps, browsers and even with smartwatches.
These methods are safer since you never show your card number when paying, and may require you to use your fingerprint to process the payment.

Major payment methods include Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which are available to use with Ascentra Credit Union debit and credit cards.

Some rewards programs such as uChoose Rewards available on cards will still garner you points when paying with your mobile device.

Retailers may post stickers on doors or windows with these logos or will have the universal contactless icon on their card acceptance device.

But don’t ditch your leather wallet just yet!

Not all financial institutions offer these payment methods. You may also find that some retailers are still learning to process these payments.

This growing technology is not only safe, but convenient. Especially if you forget your wallet or purse at home!