Tips to keep your Christmas tree alive through the holidays

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PETTYVILLE, W.Va. (WTAP) -- Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is a family tradition unlike any other. But what if you go through all the work to get the tree, and it dies before Christmas?

Tree farmers shared tips on proper tree care, so your tree will last through the holiday season.

When it comes to balled and burlap trees, experts said to keep it indoors for only 10 days.

For trees cut from the lot, the key is to make sure it's fresh. Most people know that if you have a live tree, you have to water it. But Terry Dunn, the owner of the Evergreen Tree Farm, said in the first few days it may need water multiple times per day.

"As far as tree care itself, there's a lot of commercial items out on the market you know to help enhance the long life of the tree so it doesn't lose needles. But it's been my experience after 35 close to 40 years that the best thing to put in your tree stand is water," said Dunn.

Dunn added, "You have to get it home and put it in a stand and make sure that your stand has a large water reservoir. The larger the water reservoir, the less you have to deal with the tree."

Dunn said if your stand dries, the stump of your tree will gum up, and will no longer take in water.

If your tree stops taking in water, that's when the needles will fall off.