A Uniform Salute

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) — It's Sue Pumper's way of saying thanks. A "uniform salute" to military men and women past and present. The Rock Island woman has a collection of military uniforms from several branches of the service.

Each uniform tells a story. Sue's oldest piece is a dress hat that sailors wore during World War One.

The "Ike Jacket" was especially popular during World War Two. Sue has a coat worn by a man on a ship which watched the Juneau sink. Some uniforms have medals.
There's one worn by a POW. Another is the Marine attire worn by a man who worked on the Manhattan Project.

She has about seventy in her collection. Some she buys. Others are given to her. It is her show of appreciation for the freedom people cherish in America.

In the pocket of one jacket, she found a military theatre ticket from the Second World War. It indicates the movies available to soldiers. Bob Hope's name is listed along with other Hollywood notables.

Sue works at the Golden Corral Restaurant in Davenport. She displays the uniforms at that business during the weeks leading up to Veterans Day.

A tribute to the brave men and women! Sue Pumper's UNIFORM SALUTE.