A Wizard With Wood

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SILVIS, Ill. (KWQC) — His hobby started forty years ago. Seventy three year old Don Ague of Silvis is a brilliant woodworker. He is self -taught.

Don's latest project is a three tiered storage chest. It's made of oak. He also uses hickory, walnut, and other woods.

Ague's biggest goal has always been to create a perfect piece of furniture. No mistakes. He has not done that yet.

He typically applies a minimum of three coats of varnish on any piece. He makes desks, sofa tables, a beautiful bookshelf and a stunning solid walnut dresser for his wife.

He works out of a former one car garage. Smaller items include a walnut jewelry box, a recipe box, and an eighteen wheeler toy truck. The truck was made out of salvaged wood. Don got at the Habitat Restore in Davenport.

At one time, Ague wanted to become a hog farmer. That did not happen. So, he became a tool and die maker, and of course a a wizard with wood!