Advent and Art

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Advent Season is here. It’s the time of the year Christians prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In her small, upper room studio, Davenport’s Judith Costello uses acrylics to paint beautiful Sacred Art.

Costello and her brilliant brush strokes are part of her spiritual process.
She paints a portrait of Saint Padre Pio on raw fabric. Costello uses sculpted leather to create a piece devoted to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

She is surrounded by a host of saints in the studio. Paintings hanging on the wall. Her use of color in portraits of Joan of Arc, Saint Benedict,
and other religious figures is outstanding.

Concentrating on detail, her signature work is also a way to express devotion to God. Advent, she believes, is preparation for Christ the King. She anticipates Christmas with wonder, awe, and humility.

Season’s Greetings from a sixty two year old artist who focuses on the sacred!