Alternating Currents: Alex Mahaffey's Trek

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Alex Mahaffey shares his trek for the Alternating Currents Festival:

6:30 pm - ASEETHE @ Daytrotter

Aseethe is one of the most important bands to me. Watching them grow from playing in basements and cafe's in Iowa City and even in my own basement years ago in Rock Island to getting signed to Thrill Jockey Records (!) this year on the cusp of their newest release Hopes of Failure has been extremely exciting. I also acted in their latest music video so I'm an Aseethe mega-fan I guess!

8:30pm - CONDOR AND JAYBIRD @ Daytrotter

I have also grown up with this band, and I guess one could describe them as a sort of flagbearer band for the emergence of QC underground music into the mainstream music scene here. They've also played in my basement(s) during college and are now on their way to touring across the entire country and attracting huge crowds. I remember all of their first gigs and the feeling that something huge was happening, and here we are. This performance will be the first one Connor Lyle (guitar/vocals) will play locally since his break for the summer so it will be emotional. Don't miss this.

9:30 - PSYCHIC HEAT @ Daytrotter

Psychic Heat are a force of nature, and I missed out on them last time they were in town, so I am very excited for these guys. Heavy psych tunes with a touch of surf and garage rock.

10:30 - Movies @ Triple Crown Whiskey Bar

Gonna spend the late evening here with a Grainbelt in hand. The movies being offered up this weekend are all awesome, and though I sometimes don't have the patience or ability to sit through films, I'm gonna try and sit still and catch some this weekend.


2pm - CHRASH @ Front Street

Chrash have been around a while and are an excellent QC staple band. The perfect way to start the day! Front Street burgers are also some of the best around, so I may have to catch lunch here.


The Melvins are a legendary grunge/metal/experimental band that have played RIBCO more times than you would imagine. This documentary concerning this seminal band is sure to be fascinating. Plus film at the Figge is a must.

5pm - LIV CARROW @ Daytrotter

Liv is hands-down my favorite solo/singer-songwriter in the QC. Her twangy, intricate guitar playing coupled with a mournful croon that is somewhere solidly between goth and bluegrass/folk tugs at the heartstrings and simply blows most solo guitar/singer-songwriters out of the water. DON'T MISS THIS EARLY SHOW!

6pm - WILLIAM Z VILLAIN @ Daytrotter

I helped book a show for this artist a few years ago at the Bier Stube and have since seen him here at least once. He is a multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist beyond compare and we are spoiled to have him again.

6:45pm - SISTER WIFE @ Daytrotter

Another QC favorite. Myself and Matt, the drummer, have been hard at work booking them a tour taking them out to California and back. Two-piece soulful indie pop that you cannot dislike. You may recognize their beautiful profiles from the A/C promotional videos that have been circulating the Internet the last few weeks!

Planning on checking out some of the Comedy showcases after Sister Wife - Me & Billy's, Great River, and many other venues will be hosting them throughout the night!

9:30 pm - MOUNTAIN SWALLOWER @ Daytrotter

The quintessential QC band. Mountain Swallower is another seminal QC underground act that has been growing and evolving in leaps and bounds. From elements of grunge and psych rock that blend the aesthetics of My Morning Jacket and Flaming Lips with heavy, riffy breakdowns and soaring vocal delivery, this band is absolutely not to be missed.

12 am - REEFER MADNESS @ Triple Crown Whiskey Bar

Perfect way to end the weekend. Nothing needs to be said about this movie that anyone doesn't know already. Come get a drink and hang out!