Big Dream-Small Town

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GENESEO, Ill. (KWQC) — When David and Dale Smith set eyes on downtown Geneseo, they were hooked. They compare the downtown to a Norman Rockwell painting.

A few years ago, the couple moved from the Chicago suburbs to the small Henry County town. They had a dream of opening an art studio and gallery. The couple bought a 131 year old Victorian style building. They went to work, and the restoration began.

They opened a gallery and studio. A very nice private gallery In a town of about sixty five hundred people. Above the gallery, they restored an apartment and converted that into their home. It is spacious, cozy, and very welcoming.

The couple used some of their retirement money to pay for the project. They were determined to preserve the classic windows, flooring, and overall Victorian look of the building.

Regional artists from a number of states display their work at the gallery. Smith says that brings people to town to this part of Illinois.

David is an accomplished artist. He retired from a thirty seven year teaching career in 2011. The Smith Studio and Gallery opened in 2013. A gallery attracting people to downtown Geneseo. A place the Smiths call home!