Business As Usual

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GALESBURG, Ill. (KWQC) — It is a fixture in Galesburg. A family owned business for forty years. The iconic sign, steamed beef on a bun, and special seasoning are recipes for success.

Becky Willer is the face of the franchise. She owns the Maid Rite and has worked there for forty years. Becky began working alongside her mom when Willer was a teenager. Her parents bought the Maid Rite from a previous owner in 1977.

Many of her mother’s home made recipes are big hits with customers. Potato salad, coleslaw, chili, and beef soup are home made. The food, Becky says, sells itself.

Customers say the place is like family. Willer has become friends with many of the people who come in for a bite to eat.

Cheryl Nache has worked at Maid Rite for thirty four years. She says it’s consistency which makes the business such a success. The food has remained the same for years. The loose meat on a bun, with pickles, cheese and mustard is a winner.

The business is doing well. It operates in the black. The overhead is low. Still a crowd pleaser. One employee believes the shop has staying power.

As Becky Willer points out, some things never change and sometimes that’s a very good thing!

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