Creative With Clay

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GENESEO, Ill. (KWQC) — Sheilah Wigant-McGee calls herself a perfectionist. She’s always looking for the proper angle. The Geneseo woman is a brilliant sculptor.

Growing up, she always wanted to do something with the arts. She became enthralled with sculpture.

Her current project is called “Full Throttle.” Her subject is Harold Neumann from Geneseo who in the 1930’s was the fastest racing pilot in the United States. She gives his hair a wind- blown look.
Neumann is standing beside a plane.

She especially enjoys doing religious sculptures. She also has done sculptures of Buffalo Bill on horseback, Sacajawea and her dog, and also one of Sheilah’s son when he was much younger.

Some of her work has been commissioned. Several of her pieces are life size and the sculpture is bronze. On is on display at Wildlife Prairie State Park in Illinois.

From clay to bronze, this self- taught artist is making a name for herself. Always striving to design that perfect piece.