Delight In Downtown Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Twenty year old Brennen Tope has an eye for design and patterns. Often, he walks through downtown Davenport, usually carrying his camera. Tope calls it “urban exploration” and says he appreciates beauty in buildings.

A perspective from a sidewalk or from behind a flower bed. He looks for patterns, colors, and reflection. Tope has captured the beauty of a Mississippi River sunset, and ice on the river.

Sometimes he has to improvise. Tossing a pebble in water to create a ripple effect. Spinning steel wool. Sparks from that wool fly out and
create spectacular and colorful streaks.

He owns a 1982 Volkswagon. That van serves as a traveling studio.
He places his equipment in it, shoots pictures from it, and sometimes sleeps in it when he is on the road.

Some of his photos are displayed at Dunne Brothers Coffee. He works there. The twenty year old shutterbug who looks forward to his next, picture perfect adventure.