Diamonds & Divas

Rated: PG13 A hilarious brand new "Whodunit - And What The Heck Did They Do?!" Actors, thieves, and egos run hilariously amok at the Cannes Film Festival in France - What could possibly go wrong? In a luxury hotel, the body of a beautiful film star lies on the floor. A hooded jewel thief breaks in and discovers her. A man bursts in and assumes the thief is the murderer. Another man enters and assumes a different story. The hotel manager arrives and attempts to make sense of all their stories. A huge film premiere is looming, a diamond necklace has gone missing, scandalous affairs are about to hit the headlines, and everyone appears to be trying to murder someone while blaming everyone else! Laugh along with the hijinks as the mystery is unraveled. Circa '21 is proud to be the first professional theatre in the U.S. to produce this madcap comedy!