Family takes in 89-year-old Navy veteran

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(WSMV/NBC) — A Tennessee father and daughter are paying it forward by welcoming a Navy veteran into their home as a new member of the family.

89-year-old Art Quick is a golf coach, and has been helping six-year-old Malia and her dad Corey Jones with their swing.

When Jones realized Quick was living alone in nearby motels, he offered him a place to stay.

"My whole family has passed away. They're all gone. He let me stay here and be a part of the family," said Quick.

"I don't think family is all tied with blood lines," said Jones. "It's the people who take care of one another, that's family. He's Navy, and I'm a Marine. That's a close brotherhood there."

Jones, Quick and Malia know by helping each other, great things can happen.

"That's what life is all about," said Quick.

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