Fantastic Florist

CAMANCHE, Iowa (KWQC) — Diane Volrath is surrounded by a bouquet of color. In her studio, the Camanche artist cuts and creates. She makes stained glass flowers. Roses, tulips, and many others are on display in her glass garden.

She uses copper to design the stems. She shapes the glass petals and also does the painting.

Butterflies and grasshoppers are also included in the garden. Volrath and her dad built her studio a few years ago.

There’s also some occasional “horsing around” at the studio. Diane’s constant companion at the studio is Copper, a Female, American Sport Horse. Miss Copper looks on from a stall connected to the studio. The unique studio is based on the once popular television show Mister Ed.

Years ago, Diane specialized in making wedding cakes. She opened a shop in Davenport. She retired from cake decorating in 2006 to enter the world of glass flowers.

Volrath also owns a 1952 Chevy truck. GOT FLOWERS is painted on the side. A celebration of Spring, year long. In her stained glass garden!