Finding The Positive In the Pause of the Pandemic

Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 3:31 PM CDT
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It's hard being stuck at home. But you can still find some positive aspects about this situation.

In a continuing discussion about mental health during this crisis, Dr. Derek Ball,

in Rock Island, highlights the positive in the pause from the pandemic.

There really are some positive aspects of our experience on which to focus including resilience and community.

Humans are resilient. Ball suggests that we try to view this time as an opportunity to come out on the other side as different, better, and stronger. Major life transitions cause adaptation. Most of us don't like change, but this pause really gives us a chance to do so.

This pandemic has also forced us to redefine community and how to connect with others. Isn't it interesting how physical distance has inspired us to find new ways to connect virtually or via more phone conversations?

Perhaps the ingenuity surrounding these new ways to make meaningful connections is simply strong evidence of the aforementioned resilience!

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