Getting Down To Business

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) — It's all business in one Rock Island High School classroom. Five days a week, juniors and seniors work in teams to research, develop, and learn how to market new ideas and innovation.

The class is the Incubator. The place where aspiring students learn how to run a business.Trish Matson is the instructor. Her students are the business leaders of tomorrow. In this class they collaborate and work as teams, hoping to develop a product and sell it to a prospective buyer.

One group is attempting to design and market a backpack organizer. Two students received national recognition earlier this year for a mentoring program they developed at the Rock Island Academy.

Bryce Trask leads a team excited about developing a full service, food delivery system to patrons at local theatres and sporting events.
The students take ownership of their business plans. They go out into the community and get feedback from the public.

Young entrepreneurs. Making the sales pitch. Getting down to business at the Incubator.