Holy Cow!

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ANDALUSIA, Ill. (KWQC) — Calling the cows home! That's what takes place at Linda Willits apartment in Andalusia. Linda has a collection of "happy Holsteins" which will wow you!

Her collection fills every nook and cranny. The shelves and walls are loaded with all kinds of creative cows. Linda enjoys the colors. Especially the black and white spots. No two are alike. Only one has a name: Bob.

She has a cow humidifier, dice, a doll doing the bovine boogie, and a clock which moos on the hour.

Her favorite piece in the extensive collection is a chess set. That's a Christmas gift from her daughter.

She started collecting thirty years ago. That's when she was living at a farm house in Coal Valley.

Yes, they've got to be dusted. Every piece has its place. However, Linda has no intention of sending her cows out to pasture. After all, there is always room for one more! HOLY COW!