Illinois students tested for STDs without parental consent

JONESBORO, Ill. (CNN) – A Jonesboro high school mom is not happy with the healthcare services at her child’s school.

"If my son is being tested for an STD, I want to know. If my son if having to be given medicines, I want to know. If my son took this pill, which he did and he had an allergic reaction, and he never told me the situation was going on I would have never known why he would be having an allergic reaction. "

The Anna Jonesboro High School has a school-based health clinic that treats students. The school superintendent says parents are given a packet regarding the health center which includes a parental consent form. But the mother says she never filled out the form, "So if I've got to sign a consent, fine. Do what you have to do with my kid, inform me on what's going on. I did not sign a consent saying, 'Yeah test my kid for an STD' or give them any kind of medication that could possibly react with them."

Illinois state law says it is legal for kids over the age of 12 to be tested without parental consent.

The mother says regardless of the law, she should have been notified, "My kids are my number one concern. I want to know what's going on with my kids, whether it be in school or out of school. But don't just test my kid, not tell me you're testing them because it's a federal law and then give them a medicine that really they have no need for."