Kid Cantors

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Gifted. Dedicated. Poised. They are young leaders at Saint Anthony Catholic Church in Davenport. Child cantors who lead the worship with prayer and songs.

Kim Noftsker is the music director at the church. She is in charge of the kid cantors. She teaches the children about stage presence, diction, and poise. Noftsker says the children are in a leadership position.

Kim is a brilliant organist. She believes there is something pure and holy about a child's voice. The children practice regularly, and sometimes even at home. The new church organ will make its Christmas debut In a few days.

The children, and their angelic voices, will lead singing at the four o'clock Mass on December 24th at Saint Anthony Catholic Church. Sisters Wrigley and Mili Mancha believe God gave them the talent to help others worship the Lord. They also say it's fun to put smiles on people's faces.

Have a Blessed Christmas! Season's greetings from the KID CANTORS!