Midday Medical Guest Bio: Dr. Bill Langley

Dr. William Langley is recently retired after serving as Executive Director of Clinical Integration/Accountable Care Organization, Genesis Health System.

Dr. Langley was previously Executive Director of Genesis Health Group. For the past four years, Dr. Langley has worked exclusively toward the development of the Genesis Health System ACO. He has worked on numerous projects toward implementation of the Genesis ACO by bringing together physicians and other clinical professionals.

Dr. Langley has practiced medicine and held administrative positions in the Quad Cities since 1978. In his practice, his clinical areas of interest included prevention, obstetrician, acute care, chronic disease and chemical dependency.

Dr. Langley is a graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School. He also has a Master's in management from Tulane University. Dr. Langley is a frequent contributor and guest on television and radio shows in the Quad Cities and is board-certified in family medicine.