Practice What You Preach

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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) — He is the Methodist who ministers in a very unique way. Pastor Steve Braudt begins with some “chalk talk.” Drawing a rough outline of a dove on a part of his Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, using chalk.

Braudt is the pastor at the United Methodist Church of Wilton. For years, he has been doing motorcycle art. Sometimes using green or blue oil based paint, he depicts flames for Pentecost and images of water for Baptism. He also paints cars and vans. Hood ornaments come in handy for creating part of the dove.

He hopes his art sends a message. He believes it’s more than just color. It makes a statement about the heart and soul. Pastor Steve sometimes prepares his sermon while riding on one of his motorcycles. It gives him the opportunity to preach out loud where nobody can hear him. The ability to concentrate on prayer.

Braudt has a few learning disabilities. He says painting is his stress reliever. Art on two, three, or four wheels. The pastor who can “paint what he preaches.”