Put Shine In The Sculpture

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CLINTON, Iowa (KWQC) — It’s a tribute to Clinton County history. The World War One monument is dedicated to the men from the county who made the supreme sacrifice during the war.

The memorial was built in 1930. The designer was French born sculptor Leonard Crunelle.

Time has taken its toll on the monument. So, the local historic preservation commission Is trying to land some grant money and perhaps money from the city to help restore the monument.

A company from Minnesota will do an assessment as to what needs to be done to the sculpture. Ninety years of corrosion has effected the statue. It could cost almost thirty thousand dollars to clean it up.

A soldier, grief stricken mother, and two other figures adorn the statue. Alongside the monument are the names of other local veterans who died or went missing in action during World War One.

The goal is to get the sculpture on the National Historical Registry. The U.S. Department of the Interior could make that final decision.