Railroad Replication

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JACKSON COUNTY, Iowa (KWQC) — For months, volunteers have been prepping and priming.

The subject is a century old “combination car” which
ran on the narrow gauge line from Bellevue to Cascade.
The passenger train also transported freight and mail.
Hauling coal. Grain.

On a recent sun-splashed day, Richard Rockrohr, Jack Parmer,
and other train enthusiasts worked from top to bottom, giving
an authentic look to a piece from the past.

The railroad car will eventually have a final resting place next to the
former Lamotte Depot which has been restored.
The depot is within eyesight of where the volunteers have been working.

An antique gaming table will be placed in the combination car.
The table was a place for passengers to enjoy a game of checkers or
poker while riding the rails.
Seats will also be installed in the car.

Hoping for a completion date in August.
Men working on the railroad.
A day at a time.
Determined to see their project to the “end of the line.”