Retro Rules!

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) Michelle Stroehle always wanted to own a business. Michelle and her husband Joe say they found the perfect place in downtown Davenport. Originally, they opened Riverbend Retro in LeClaire. That was in 2014. Last year the couple decided to expand the business and relocate to a larger building in Davenport.

The business focuses on furniture. Mid- century modern furniture with ties to the late forties through the late sixties. The furniture is baby boomer style. Sofas, dressers, glass table tops and much more.

The couple rents the century old building on Second Street. They have about twenty five hundred square feet. The Stroehles grew up in Davenport and want to be part of the recent revitalization downtown. City incentives for façade improvements also helped to seal the deal.

They go to estate sales and auctions to acquire many of the items they sell. There's quite a bit of history behind some of the items. One piece of furniture was introduced to the public by Broyhill at the 1962 World's Fair.

A Kodak Flash Camera, television with tubes, push button radio, and record albums are also part of the allure. The couple also refinishes and reupholsters some items. Making old new again at a place where "retro rocks."