Stressed, Worn Out, Overwhelmed?

Published: Apr. 23, 2020 at 12:06 PM CDT
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Dr. Derek Ball with

in Rock Island shares advice related to the generalized anxiety that many are experiencing during the pandemic.

Feeling stressed? You are not alone.

If life these days leaves you burdened with too many tasks like juggling at-home work, homeschooling children, along with an increased load of household chores, it can lead to feeling overwhelmed.

Many are also dealing with feelings of loss. These losses can be everything from processing the death of loved ones to losing your normal way of life including interaction with family and friends.

In this interview, Dr. Ball explains how most anxiety and worry stems from focusing on the big picture.

How do you combat anxiety?

• Focus on the “small stuff”

• Engage your five senses

• Live in the now

• Use the dictionary to look up the word MINDFULNESS

• Try to manage your days with “mindfulness”

If you need help, QC Marriage & Family Counseling Service is able to conduct TeleHealth sessions at this time.

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