TV6 Cares: Learn United Quad Cities

Davenport Junior Theatre Creating Character
Theater Mask-Making Davenport Jr. Theatre
Davenport Junior Theatre Pt. 1 Warm Up.
Davenport Junior Theatre Puppetry
Fishy Song Davenport Junior Theatre
Wanna Be A Ballerina? Quad City Ballet
Dino Ballet Family Museum
Mr. Andy Makes A Mess Science Bett Library
Flowers: Pollination & Seeds QC Botanical Center
How To Build A Terrarium QC Botanical Center
Tropical Birds and Animals & QC Botanical Center
Storytime: Ballet Quad Cities
Storytime: Davenport Public Library
Storytime: Davenport Public Library
Storytime: Davenport Public Library
Storytime: Davenport Public Library
Storytime Niabi Zoo
Processing Feelings and Story time Bettendorf 5/25
Math Pre-K to 2nd Grade Bettendorf 5/25
Writing Lesson Bettendorf Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Science Lesson: Pre-K to 2nd Grade Bettendorf 5/25
Bettendorf Schools Teacher Greetings 5/25
Figge How-To Crafts & Art
Kids Crafts w/ Miss Christine Bettendorf Public Library
KIds Crafts w/Miss Christine Part 2 Bettendorf Public Library
Creative Craft Planting Ideas w/ Rock Island Public Library
Family Museum: Making Tops, Boomerang,
Putnam Museum Pt 1 Spotlight Tours
Putnam Museum Pt 2 Tour 5/29
Putnam Museum Pt. 3 Flashlight Tour 5/29
Putnam Museum Pt 4 5/29
P.E. Workout: Planks, etc. Sherrard High 5/28
Tips To Beat The Stay-At-Home Order Sherrard High 5/28
Math: Would You Rather? Sherrard High 5/28
Sloth's Math Tricks Sherrard High 5/28
One-Minute Movie Reviews Sherrard High 5/28
The Quest for Reliable Information Sherrard High 5/28
Stop Motion Videos Sherrard High 5/28
Shop Science Sherrard High 5/28
Magic Tricks Sherrard High 5/28
Math Sherrard High 5/28
More Media Projects Sherrard High 5/28
Two Methods: What's the Water Tower Height? E.M. 5/27
Librarian Recommends
Enjoying Reading and Writing During Downtime E.M. 5/27
CO2 Experiment E.M. 5/27
Making Homemade Granola Bars E.M. 5/27
Librarian Recommends
Wellness Wheel Feelings & Emotions E.M. 5/27
Teachers' "Miss You" Greeting & Tinker's Tips!
Art At Home (Using Laundry!) North Scott 3rd-5th 5/26
Book Talk Character Change North Scott 3rd-5th 5/26
STEM Process: Protect an Egg North Scott 3rd-5th 5/26
Research Starts With
Guidance Hangout North Scott 3rd-5th 5/26
Pt. 1 Tour of the Sun Garden QC Botanical Center
Pt. 2 Sun Garden QC Botanical Center
Pt. 1 NIabi Zoo
Pt. 2 Niabi Zoo
Pt. 3 Niabi Zoo
Emotional/Social Lesson Bettendorf Middle 5/21
Literacy Lesson Bettendorf MIddle 5/21
Math Lesson Bettendorf Middle 5/21
Social Studies: History in Your Own Backyard Bettendorf MIddle 5/21
P.E. Teachers: Stay Active! 5/21 Bettendorf Middle
Social/Emotional Lesson Grateful Journal 5/21 Bettendorf MIddle
Tips & Tools to Deal With Difficulty 5/20
Tips & Tools: YOGA 5/20
Practice Leads to Mastery Violin Moment Davenport 5/20
Social Studies: Lesson in Courage Davenport 5/20
Math: Integers & One-Step Solving
Science: Creating Bath Bombs Davenport 5/20
Story: When Sadness Is At Your Door Davenport 5/20
STEM Activity: Rainbow Rain 5/20
"Take Me Out of The Bathtub" Song East Moline 5/19
How To Make Sidewalk Paint East Moline 5/19
Sight Words East Moline 5/19
Locomotor Movement East Moline 5/19
Shapes East Moline 5/19
Color Song East Moline 5/19
What Color Is the Best...and Why? East Moline 5/19
Another Bathtub Song East Moline 5/19
Color and Feelings East Moline 5/19
Planning A Party: Fractions! PV 5/18
Planning A Party: Mask Craft PV 5/18
Planning A Party: Decoratioms Fractions PV 5/18
Planning A Party: Folding Art Project
Planning A Party: Song Game PV 5/18
Planning A Party: Lego Game PV 5/18
Planning A Party: Exercise! PV 5/18
Planning A Party: Thank you! PV 5/18
STEM Activity 5/18
Davenport Junior Theatre Pt. 1 Warm Up.
Davenport Junior Theatre Creating Character
Davenport Junior Theatre Puppetry
River Music Experience Music Labs Pt. 1
River Music Experience Music Labs Pt. 2
STEM Activity RI Milan 5/14
Using Math in Baking RI Milan 5/14
English: The Apostrophe RI Milan 5/14
English: Homophones RI Milan 5/14
Science Chemical Experiment NSHS 5/13
Toy Box Game Sherrard Elem 5/12
Art Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
Managing Stress NSHS 5/13
English: Poetry NSHS 5/13
RME Music Lab May 12th
RME Music Lab - May 11th
Perfected Exercise Moves NSHS 5/13
Algebra Exponential Functions NSHS 5/13
Making A Mask NSHS 5/13
Research Tips Sherrard Elem 5/12
Making Calming Dough Sherrard Elementary 5/12
Ball Throw Game Sherrard Elem. 5/12
Reading Sherrard Elem 5/12
Shoe Art Sherrard Elem 5/12
Silvis Elementary Rhyming Lesson 5/11
Science Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
Reading Silvis Elementary 5/11
Social/Emotional Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
Math Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
Read Along Sherrard Elem 5/12
Storytime Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
Pt 1 Science Camo Caper Sherrard Elem. 5/12
Pt 2 Science Camo Caper Sherrard Elem. 5/12
Science/Weather Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
More Reading Silvis Elementary 5/11
Pt. 1 Counting Money Math Lesson Silvis Elementary 5/11
Part Two: 1st Grade Math Silvis Elementary 5/11
Pt. 1 Tour of the Sun Garden QC Botanical Center
Putnam Museum Pt 4 5/29
Putnam Museum Pt 4 5/29
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) The COVID-19 shutdown brought about the longest-ever spring break for students and ultimately cut short the school year. The impact of lost learning has everyone concerned.

With this in mind, KWQC-TV6 has proudly partnered with United Way, area school districts, and cultural institutions to bring about "TV6 Cares: Learn United Quad Cities".

Cultural institutions, like the RME, are offering up music labs similar to what the school districts are doing. You can view those on TV6's livestream at 9:30 a.m. or by selecting the videos above titled "RME Music Lab".

KWQC-TV6 is giving airtime to local teachers who will present lessons on TV6 during the Paula Sands Live time slot from 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.* each weekday. This was originally slated through the end of May. However, this special programming has BEEN EXTENDED to run through June 12th!

Fourteen different school districts---with more to come---will be offering lessons; this includes every single school district in both Scott and Rock Island counties.

Here is the upcoming lesson/school schedule (for now). Stay tuned for the unveiling of weeks 4 & 5 to be published soon.

Mon., May 11 -- Silvis Elementary (Pre-K - 2nd)
Tues.. May 12 -- Sherrard Elementary (3rd-5th)
Wed., May 13 -- North Scott High School (9th to 12th)
Thurs., May 14 -- Rock Island/Milan S.D.(6th-8th)
Fri., May 15 – R.M.E & Davenport Jr. Theater

Mon., May 18--Pleasant Valley Community (3rd-5th)
Tues., May 19 -- East Moline S.D. (Pre-K to 2nd)
Wed., May 20 -- Davenport Community (6th to 8th)
Thurs., May 21 -- Bettendorf Community S.D. (6th to 8th)
Fri., May 22 – QC Botanical Center & Niabi Zoo

Mon., May 25 -- Bettendorf Community S.D. (Pre-K- 2nd)
Tues., May 26 -- North Scott Community S.D. (3rd to 5th)
Wed., May 27 -- East Moline S.D. (6th to 8th)
Thurs., May 28 -- Sherrard Senior High School (9th-12th)
Fri., May 29 –--Putnam Museum Flashlight Tour & More!

Mon., June 1--CRAFTING: Bettendorf & Rock Island
Libraries, Family Museum & The Figge
Tues., June 2--STORY TIME: Davenport Public Library &
Ballet Quad Cities
Wed., June 3-- SCIENCE: QC Botanical Center &
Bettendorf Public Library
Thurs., June 4--THEATER: Davenport Jr. Theatre &
Ballet Quad Cities
Fri., June 5th---MUSIC: RME & QC Symphony

The idea for this project came from KWQC-TV6's sister station in Cleveland, OH, Cleveland19 News where they have been airing lessons for Ohio children for the last few weeks.

In fact, if you are interested in having your children exposed to additional lesson plans, please click here for more teaching segments produced by Cleveland Metropolitan School District as aired on Cleveland19 News.

*The "Learn United Quad Cities content will also be rebroadcast on Cozi TV at 8:00 a.m. the next day, followed by an hour of educational content produced by Cleveland Metropolitan School District (from Cleveland19 News).

Special thanks go out to the United Way of the Quad Cities for putting together this powerful partnership between KWQC, the schools, and the cultural institutions to create a project for the benefit of all Quad Citizens.