Take The Lead!

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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) — Helping students find their purpose and passion. That’s the mission of the LEAD Program at Eugene Field Elementary School in Rock Island. Principal Dennis Weiss developed the program a few years ago. “Learn, Enrich, And Discover.”

Every other Friday is ‘LEAD Friday’ at the school. Students have several options to choose from. A visit to Putnam Museum, perhaps jumping for joy at a gymnastics academy, or checking out a local college campus. Educational opportunities promoting critical thinking and encouraging kids to take the lead.

In the school hallways, banners hang from the ceiling, reminding students about the Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. A best -selling book written by Stephen Covey. Emphasizing leadership qualities.

Student art is on ceiling tiles and at other locations at Eugene Field Elementary. Promoting leadership and school spirit. The program is changing the culture. Sixth graders going to activities with third and second grade kids. Making new friends.

Student Alayna McKinley visited Augustana College and learned about sign language.

Joe Allen got to do science experiments at the Putnam Museum. He wants to be a doctor or an astronaut.

Third grade student Nathan Anderson believes the program is a really good experience for all the students.

One piece of art reminds visitors: “At Eugene Field, we don’t follow the leader. We become One.”