The Future Is Now

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — Pairing academics with business. It’s a partnership between Eastern Iowa Community College and EON Reality.

EON is one of the premier virtual reality companies in the country. The two parties have formed the EON Innovation Academy.

Recently, Josh Webb entered the I-Cube. Wearing special glasses and using trackers, Webb had the capability to dissect a human anatomy. The program allows him to view, and move various body parts around in this virtual environment. In the medical profession, students can learn about specific surgeries and actually perform them in simulation, time after time.

Students at Scott’s urban campus in downtown Davenport also learn how to develop virtual training software for businesses and industry. They design simulation to help companies meet training and safety needs. Team based training in a safe environment. For businesses, a more efficient use of time and money. For students, the opportunity to get in on the cutting edge of virtual reality.