The Heart Of Regional Art

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GENESEO, Ill. (KWQC) — Once it was a print shop. Then it became vacant. These days, the door opens to a building in transition. It's the Rutabaga Studio and Gallery in downtown Geneseo.

The not for profit is like a mini art colony. A wonderful place for local and regional artists to gather, get creative, and share their talents with other accomplished artists.

Stan DeDecker is an artist. He is also the building landlord and the handyman in residence. He painted the building, did roof repair, and also installed new carpeting.

Sharon Michaelsen specializes in pastel portraits. Sheilah Wigant-Mcgee is a sculptor. Pauline Swanson is an oil painter, and her wonderful work is featured here.

The Geneseo Foundation is helping to support the studio. The not for profit is also applying for grant money. There is a trickle down impact from the studio. People come from out of town to visit. They purchase art, stop for lunch in town, and also shop at local businesses.

The studio also inspires other potential business owners who would like to locate in this small town. People interested in art as a "means of living a life." Rutabaga is a gem. A Geneseo success story!